bulletInstant online or email: support, quote or question = FREE! (click here)
bulletIf you have a specific question about the problem you are experiencing, need an idea of what your problem might entail for repair, have questions about pricing maximums and minimums, want advice concerning 'fix or replace', need a tip about virus cleaning, or any other computer related question, go to our online contact section.


bulletBusiness Service = $40/hour -charged in 15 minute intervals
bulletMinimum charge only 1 hour
bulletNo travel charge in the Orlando area
bullet4 hours or greater in any one day = $35/hour


bulletHome Service = $40/hour - charged in 15 minute intervals - with a pre-set maximum
bulletMinimum charge only 1 hour
bulletMost upgrades/installations (memory, drive, video card, etc.) are a 1 hour charge
bulletMaximum charge pre-set by you, typcially 2 hours for one shot repair
bulletSome cases, such as intermittent problems, require more diagnostic time. Normally, we would bring the computer back to our location (where we can work on multiple machines at the same time) and only charge for 2 hours regardless of actual time spent
bullet In some cases, the customer wants to see and learn, and receive extra services or instruction. Rather than charging a flat fee and trying to 'get out of there as quick as possible', we will spend the time required to help you, teach you, complete extra services, make you feel comfortable, but still within your pre-set budget maximum.
bullet4 hours or greater in any one day = $35/hour
bulletNo 'house call' charge in the Orlando area
bulletCovers troubleshoot, repair, replace, upgrade, virus clean, maintenance, programming, etc., everything we will have to do to make your computer 'right'


bulletParts = Prices change daily. Exact quote made before replacement done.


bulletWeb Hosting and maintenance = see Sensible Web Hosting
bulletWeb design & programming = $40 / hour